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Non-Compete Agreements

As a condition of being hired or of continued employment, some employers ask employees to sign a Non-Compete Agreement, Agreement Not To Compete, Covenant Not To Compete, or some similarly titled agreement.

The typical content of these types of agreements is generally that, for some stated period of time after their employment ends, and within some stated geographical area, the employee agrees that they will not work on their own or for anyone else in a specified type of work or business which competes with that of the former employer. A provision may also be included prohibiting the employee from soliciting business from any of the former employer's customers as well. (Non-Solicitation Agreement).

Many employees do not give much thought to such agreements and often sign them automatically without giving careful consideration to the potential adverse effects which doing so may have on their future employment activities and livelihood following the termination of their employment.

Depending on a variety of factors, these types of agreements may or may not be enforced by courts - but have been in some instances where the time limitation, geographical region, and nature of the restricted work or business activities is deemed to be reasonable and necessary to protect the legitimate business interests of the former employer. As a result, some employees , who have been judged to have violated such an agreement, have been prevented from engaging in the new work or business activities and ordered to pay damages to their former employer.

The employment lawyers at Lowrie & Andrew Attorneys at Law are experienced in reviewing these types of agreements and are ready to advise you as to your rights, and available courses of action, if you have been asked to sign or have already signed such an agreement.

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